Monday, 11 August 2008

A short film about Antonio Santos

This short film about the Spanish artist Antonio Santos was shot in 1996 at his family's home in Lupeñin in Huesca. The rambling old farm house is like an Aladdin's cave crammed with art.

These days, things are going pretty well for Antonio, he has branched out into illustration and has won awards for his children's books. He also continues to produce entertaining and engaging art.

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Revolutionary Undergarments

I started this series of drawings when I was in Cuba. At first, it was an affectionate joke about Cuba, but then, I also wanted to see if Cubans could laugh at the revolution. I found that they were extremely receptive to the idea - everyone loved the revolutionary underpants.

I think that maybe for them the book was also a reference to Cuban promiscuity.
To me, it said a lot about the notion of a dictatorship that we hear in the western media. I thought the project would be viewed as counter revolutionary and ideological heresy, but this wasn't the case at all. Every Cuban I showed it to thought it was funny and many wanted a copy of the book.

I remember one person I met said she likes Fidel not just because he's good for Cuba, but because, he's good for humanity. This amazed me. What a fantastic idea - that a leader should be judged by his/her contribution to humanity before that of the nation they govern. I mean, could you imagine an American saying that about any US president?

Illustrations from the book, Revolutionary Undergarments

No necesito amo (I need no master)
Takes the famous anti-imperialist
slogan to a more personal level

Los Maximos. Made by hand in Cuba Libre.

"If you are the kind of man who likes
to wear the pants then MAXIMOS are
definitely for you"

signed: Fidel Castro
NB. Fidel's nickname in Cuba is 'El Maximo"

El Juego Revolucionario - The Revolutionary Set

Now for the first time available as one - Socialism or death